Harbour Square covers two city blocks in a bustling major metropolitan area, but offers a calm retreat and a tight-knit community.

Every detail — from the cooperative philosophy to the panoramic views to the extensive on-site amenities — contributes to the gracious living experience at Harbour Square.


On-Site Management
at Your Service

The management staff of Harbour Square ensures that owners receive all the benefits of cooperative home ownership without all the headaches that come with traditional home ownership models.

Friendly, capable professionals handle the operations of the co-op, including maintenance, upkeep of the property, and record and asset management. The Management Office is on-site, so it is easy to drop in during business hours if needed.

In addition, Harbour Square’s property management app and website make it easy for residents to reserve amenities, check package deliveries, request maintenance services, and more online.

Harbour Square Board of Directors and Committees

A nine-member Board of Directors elected by the owners governs Harbour Square. Additionally, volunteer committees manage several programs and events and are a great way to get involved and meet your neighbors. Whether you are interested in welcoming new owners, architecture, conservation and recycling, budgets and financial planning, communications, or coordinating an upcoming event, Harbour Square offers many different ways to make a difference in your community.


The Difference of Cooperative Living

Harbour Square is one of the largest, most well established group-owned properties in Washington, DC. Housing cooperatives have been in existence in the United States since early last century, and a few were started in Washington as early as the 1920s. Cooperative living at Harbour Square provides the satisfaction of owning a historic gem on the waterfront with a community of neighbors who are actively engaged.

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